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To Wed A Highlander
To Wed A Highlander
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4.0 out of 5 stars Michele Sinclair Does it AgainOctober 29, 2012

To Wed a Highlander by- Michele Sinclair

This was a very different book, at least to me. The premise is that these two people need to marry to save a Lowland clan. This is a common premise, that of the forced marriage at least on one person's part, what is uncommon to me is the male protagonist was married to the female protagonist's sister before she died. Colin loved her very much. And, it wasn't something that he kept quietly to himself. We did hear a lot about his late wife, but you will soon see that these reminiscences are germane to the story.

Makenna is not the `normal' type of woman of her times. She doesn't know how to be a `lady' or to run a castle. She rides, she spars and she fights. She happens to do all of that better than some soldiers. She is taking a lot of opposition from many of her clan members for marrying someone who is not one of them and these dissenters are showing their displeasure.

Of course she had also (sort of) promised (sort of) herself to a neighboring laird who is quite evil. Colin is taking his role as the new Laird of the Dunstan clan quite seriously. He feels passion for his new wife but not much else. Soon he has to defend himself to his new clan; he has to investigate just who is doing many cruel things to his people and he needs to ignite the passion that he knows is within his new wife.

Soon Colin and Makenna are both trying to please each other and to learn compromise as they battle the enemies both without and within their castles walls.

This is another relationship driven story, but out of all of the books I've read by this author, it is the first one that has action throughout the whole story. There is a very interesting and action packed conclusion to this book.

This is a steamy and interesting read. I have found that the author is quite good at keeping things from us and she waits until the proper time in the story to have the greatest impact on the reader. What some may be considering being dues ex machine tactics is simple clever plotting on the author's part. I love these books and am hoping that the author will keep writing from this time period.

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