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Drive Me Wild (The Others)

Drive Me Wild (The Others)
by Christine Warren
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $7.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Was "Fur For All", November 27, 2012

Drive Me Wild (The Others) by Christine Warren

This is NOT truly a re-print BUT...

...this WAS originally published as an Ellora's Cave Publishing book in 2003 and has been out of print for quite a while. I loved the original and as with several other of Ms Warrens re-prints, I was looking forward to some added scenes, dialog, etc cetera and I was not disappointed!

The 'romance' scenes are just as steamy as I remember from the earlier book and I was a little shocked to see that they hadn't seemed to have been toned down for the wider market as they had been in at least one of the other re-prints.

The story features what could be a woman that you could easily come to dislike since it seems early on in the book that Tess Menzies has no spine. This book is ALL about the fact that the woman is going to be submissive sexually and I have no problems with that, but I hate it when that submissiveness plays into Tess's daily life and it seems like she can never say no to ANYONE. Luckily, Ms Warren really knows how to make her characters grow and by the end of the novel you will be rooting for Tess.

Tess is a witch and as she has come to realize not a very strong one and she has an ability for some brief lapses into premonition. Tess has been drafted by her Grandfather to bring a message to the Council of Others leader Rafael De Santos a lusty, sexy, hot-hot-hot were-jaguar. The message gets delivered and things very quickly go from promises of heat, to full blown passion in a matter of a couple of chapters.

So now, we have a mystery of why the Witches Council wants to meet with the Council of Others (the furred and fanged group). However, we have an even more interesting mystery that has to do with an old curse and the fact that the feline population of were's have been losing the ability to reproduce...that is until Rafe and Tess get together!

This is a thoroughly engaging story filled with heat passion and a lot of humor. There are plenty of interesting characters and enough mystery to keep you reading well into the night. Rafe may get on your nerves a little bit, but he even with his flaws he is an adorable Alpha/Dominant type that will be sure to please most readers.

Have a good read!

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