Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Next to be Released  a Novella – “Small Shen” Prequel -  release date Dec 1st 2012


In this third novel,   the conclusion to this second trilogy, but presumably not   the series because of the cliffhanger ending, John is now back but most certainly not at full strength.  Emma is suffering from a disease that was a most unexpected twist in the plot for me; and she finally finds out just what she is. Leo still wants to die, loved ones are kidnapped and broken, and there is total chaos. This was an exciting book in this series but it was also a letdown to say the least.

Kitty Kwok is back and even more evil than when the series started,  We had thought that most of the demons have been defeated,; but have they?  Traps have been  laid for John, Simone and Emma, with Emma usually (always) taking the worst of it; always rushing in to lead the cavalry.  Except during one important fight where she just sits back and watches while things go horribly wrong.

There is so much going on in the book that I wouldn’t even know where to begin.  There are so many characters that it becomes mind-boggling and one nearly needs a score card to keep who is who and what they are doing and when they are doing it, straight.

There is so much emo stuff going on, that at times I wanted to scream that enough was enough.   Ms Chan uses her knowledge of myth and religion to perfection, but the subtleties of writing the full story seems to have escaped Ms Chan with this novel. Everything that is happening seems a bit to over the top.  Yes, it is a fantasy novel, but when fantasy turns into a melodramatic mish-mash that would play better as a late night TV serial, then I have to wonder. I think she was trying to clear up too many plot points before this book ran into two volumes and did  a slap-dash job of it.

One of the main problems for me was at the end when we have the chance to find out just what Emma is and this was treated almost as an insignificant aside to the story.  And, when even bigger issues with Emma’s inner self are brought up, those issues seem written only with the idea of yet another trilogy in mind, not to truly clarify things.  I suppose that is because another group of these books will be written.

I’m afraid that anything else I say will be a spoiler, so I will simply conclude with this  -- this is an important book for fans, but a terribly frustrating, and at time overly long-winded  read all the same. All the hallmarks of Ms Chan’s usual work is here but it didn’t seem as if her heart was in it.

 For readers who have never read anything by this author - DO NOT START HERE!  You must start with the first trilogy and work your way to this one of you will be horribly lost and very disappointed.  

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