Saturday, November 24, 2012


Product DetailsWild About You (Love at Stake) by Kerrelyn Sparks (Nov 27, 2012)

Oh, I’ve been waiting a while for Howard’s story and here it is.  Handsome Howard, Hunky Howard and the list goes on!.  The majority of these books are about vamps, but when Ms Sparks gets a notion to write about the furrier side of life she really goes all out!

This book is filled with a ton of steaming innuendo, longing looks, sexy passages, sexy male anatomy wonderful descriptions, mystery and suspense!  You name it, you will find it!

It has been a while since Elsa has felt even the tiniest bit petite.  At over 6 feet, this beauty has never felt delicate. In fact, she works demolishing homes for a international televised home show, pretty much with her bare hands and a few tools.

Howard has a secret, he has a box of DVD’s hidden under his bed featuring two men and a lady – but it isn’t what you’re thinking...oh no, it is a stash of the home show with Elsa starring!  Howard has a major celebrity crush.  But his crush may become a reality if Howards employer has anything to do with it.

Now Howard is a bear shifter and Elsa is coming to find out she is just a bit different too. {Just why do forest creatures cluster about Elsa?)

There is so much going on in this book that it would be nearly impossible to give a good synopsis without giving away a lot of the story.

So I will say that it is a wonderful story.  It has great humor, excellent mystery; fantastic sex scenes that do not occur at the beginning, but give the characters time to forge a relationship with each other.  It has fully fleshed characters and a complex story line that encompasses years, distances and nearly improbable to believe myths/curses.

Will Howard and Elsa get their happily-ever-after?  Will Howard ever get revenge for all the wrong perpetrated upon him?  You are just going to have to read   “Wild About You” to find out! And if this is your first Kerrelyn Sparks I assure you it will not be your last one!

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