Thursday, November 22, 2012

Running Wild: The Men from Battle Ridgeby Linda Howard and Linda Jones (Nov 27, 2012)Product Details

In this really great opening book into a new series, you will get to meet the feisty, smart and scared Carlin Reed.  And, yes she was named after George Carlin! She is being stalked by someone nobody would ever expect it of, and her stalker has already killed one person that Carlin cares about.  Now she is on the run.

Her running takes her to an unlikely place by the name of Battle Ridge, Wyoming a very quiet ranching town that is sort of on the way out, with people moving trying to make a living elsewhere.

After working for a while for Kat the owner of The Pie Hole here in town, Carlin gets sort of coerced into taking a job for Zeke Decker, a  cattle ranch owner who is just walking sex on a  stick, if you know what I mean!  He is gruff, blustery and the type of guy who wants to fix everything for almost everyone!

This was a wonderful romance, but even more importantly, it was a terrific suspense novel.  This is something that Linda Howard is known for, and she really worked it.  I had trouble seeing just where Ms Jones left her mark, as the writing was so seamless between the two women.

Some of the passages got to be a little too much with the inner angst but they were soon bypassed by increasingly suspenseful…well…suspense scenes.

Zeke does get around to eventually getting his own way and teaching Carlin just what she needs to know about saving herself if she ever finds herself in need too.  And of course she will eventually need to.  She makes for a great kick-butt heroine who also knows when to let someone more experienced take over in the kicking butt department.

This was written with a tight plot, great, well-rounded characters of different kinds all with their own voices. The scene descriptions where vividly written, the scenery descriptions made you actually see them in your mind.  There was even plentiful humor to break up the fear factor.  The sexual aspect took quite a while to come up and I appreciated that.  I don’t always like a book where the couple has to fall into bed in the 5th chapter. I could actually believe that they took their time and really fell into love instead of it being simply lust disguised to look like love.

I loved this book and will be buying the next one in this series, and I will be keeping this on my to –be- re-read shelf!


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