Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa Viking

Santa Viking
Price: $4.79

5.0 out of 5 stars Truly Sweet AND Hot!, December 19, 2012

This review is from: Santa Viking (Kindle Edition)
This book gives you two stories for the price of one. Two fun, romantic and sometimes hilarious novellas that I think will really put you in the holiday spirit.

Bolthor's Bride

We have the long awaited story of that Viking Scald Bolthor. Yes, he finally found someone who could listen to his verse without cringing, someone who thought him to be breath stealing handsome...someone with four children and 3 swine-like husbands under her belt, someone who could use his strength and love! This would be a very merry Yule season for Bolthor the Skald and Katherine the Saxon.

This was a fairly short novella, but with Sandra Hill's usual humor and depth of characters it will not be a disappointment for her fans.

In a "Viking for Christmas" we come back to the 21 century with the story of Erik Thorsson and Jessica Jones. Jessica believes that she has a curse upon her and for all intents and purposes it really DOES look like that. Jessica meets Erik while she is dressed as Santa Claus attempting to 'rob' the Piggly Jiggly of the money they owe her for a broken toy. During the attempted... uhm... robbery, she ends up taking Erik as a sort of hostage and things just escalate from there.

The only thing I could possibly have had problems with was that Erik fell in love in a matter of hours, and just kept talking about wild sex and how great he was in bed. However, the story was so sweet in the long run, with an amazing depth of character growth in such a short amount of time that I finally found myself overlooking that issue and falling in love with Erik and Jessica and, oh, did I forget to tell you that there is also houseful of orphans in this story ? I fell in love with them too. It was a magical Christmas for all and this book sure helped me find a little Christmas spirit which I was sorely lacking this year!

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