Sunday, December 2, 2012

Touch of Power (Healer)
Touch of Power (Healer)
by Maria V. Snyder
Edition: Paperback
Price: $10.17

2.0 out of 5 stars Pre-Teen Novel Perhaps?, December 2, 2012
Color me this a novel for pre-teen/teens or a novel for adults? Because as I read this book I'm finding myself thinking that if I were some years younger I might have enjoyed this more. There is nothing to this novel but a simple back and forth of the same plot device used over and over. The heroine is hiding - the heroine is caught. The group is chased...the group is caught...over and over. The heroine heals someone, the heroine almost dies. If the heroine does what her new friends want her to do she will almost certainly die (not!) The characters certainly act more like children than the adults they are supposed to be. There is no emotion to them, no character or passion, even what are supposed to be exciting bits of this story are more a cliché than anything else.

To add more confusion into this read, we cannot really be sure just what kind of world this is supposed to be. Is it a future world? A past world? One on a galaxy far, far away? Perhaps a parallel world?
The world is a simple one with no technology...they have magic. However, some of the ideas, solutions, mechanics and problems are of the 21st century. The language the characters use is 21st century slang which for some readers may just pull you out of the story and make it a very uncomfortable read. It is a fantasy novel filled with modern colloquialisms and sarcasm.

The part of the evil Tohon was played ( in my imagination) by a mustache twirling Simone Legre and he never started or ended a sentence without adding "my dear" when he was talking to Avry. He is such a clichéd `bad guy' that I couldn't help laughing at most of the ending.

Yes, there are interesting bits, but not enough to make this book worth the time or the price          

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