Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shadow Woman: A Novel

Shadow Woman: A Novel
by Linda Howard
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $15.31

5.0 out of 5 stars An Excellent Mix of Genres

This review is from: Shadow Woman: A Novel (Hardcover)
Shadow Woman - by Linda Howard
This was a powerful, very suspenseful novel and I enjoyed it so much that I have read it twice already. This was an excellent and perfect mix of genres, written with a subtle hand that will keep the reader enthralled. There is a sort of unusual style to this novel in that about the only point of view you hear is Lizette's However... everything for the longest time is in her perspective with just very brief side trips to the other characters perspectives. Soon, though you will hear from Xavier's and some of the other tertiary characters, yet Lizette still has the main POV.

I wonder how I would feel if I woke up one morning and didn't totally recognize my face in the mirror...if certain things about my face were just a little bit different and every time I tried to remember a few of my past years I would get violently ill? Then I would meet a man in a drug store and be so intensely moved by him I would have very hot, very erotic dreams about him. This would just add to the confusion.

This is of course what happens to our main character Lizette and very soon, she knows or suspects that something is more wrong than just a few changes to her face and a lapse in a few years of her memory. Her memory is starting to come back, but not enough and Lizette really wants to know why. And so does the reader...Ms Howard has impeccable timing. If she had given the secret away any earlier this would have been a disappointing novel. But as I said her timing is perfect, you will be gnawing your nails to the quick wanting to know WHY this all happened and when you learn the why's of it all, you will be as flabbergasted as Lizette was (I hope!) I know I was shocked!

This is a medium-paced novel at times and super fast paced at other times. The characters are fairly well fleshed out and even show some growth even though this takes place over a fairly short period of time. The secondary characters are well fleshed and even though they don't play huge parts, you still get a good feel for them.

Some parts of the book may stretch your credulity but not enough to make it a huge issue for the reader - after all this is an espionage type of book AND romantic fiction!


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