Thursday, February 21, 2013


Three Sisters by Susan Mallery

Please forgive me for starting this review in this manner but I need to be clear ----> this is NOT a romance novel. The Blackberry Island books are more Fiction or Women’s Fiction with one of the characters finding her male Happily Ever After!

SPOILERISH---->And this book is even different yet again since each woman finds a HEA, but two of them do it with the men they have already been married to.

Briefly - You have a book about three different neighbors - one a single woman, a pediatrician who was left at the altar and is going to redo a crumbling Victorian house. The second woman has lost her infant son and has not grieved. She is showing some very irrational behavior, but keeps it well hidden. The third woman is the most complicated. She is sort of being accused of being a poor mother and wife by her husband. She is strict and seeks perfection in everything and from everyone.

As usual, Ms Mallery has written intricate and very believable characters. Characters that are easy for us to put ourselves inside of to walk a mile in their shoes. Her descriptions are vividly drawn, the secondary characters are as fully fleshed as her main characters, even the tertiary characters have been well thought out and portrayed.

The story is rich and rewarding. I had hoped this story would never end. I just wanted to keep reading to see how their lives are working out. However, unfortunately for me, the book did end. So I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next Blackberry Island novel.
*ARC supplied by publisher*

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