Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Night with a Cowboy - Cat Johnson

One Night with a Cowboy (Oklahoma Nights, #1)
An Oklahoma Nights Romance

A typical erotica/romance –you have a single young highly attractive and supposedly smart (in the academic sense) woman who has been left by a slime-bucket that has lost her job at Vassar and is now applying at Oklahoma State University. Now she meets a hot cowboy at the rodeo her sister drags her to the night before her interview. They are predictably hot for each other and go off at the end of the evening to have incredible sex!

The next day comes and no phone numbers or addresses are exchanged. After all, they figured they would never see each other right? Wrong!

They do meet up again and it might have been very ugly, but Ms Johnson seemed to have toned it down a bit. Things again heat up but complications arise and our hottie cowboy Tuck sends himself off to Afghanistan!!! Now here is where I have problems with this book. It seems that the book splits – and while I can see that Ms Johnson wants to do her part by writing about the ugliness of war and what heroes our men are, this just didn’t seem to be (to me anyway) the proper way to do such a thing. When Tuck goes to Afghanistan it ceased being a hot romance and turned into something that just turned me off. It was interesting to read about what our people are facing but I don’t think it should have played such a huge part in THIS particular type of story.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see very well rounded characters or even a very consistent story.
*ARC supplied by publisher*

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