Tuesday, March 19, 2013

With This Kiss: Part Two

With This Kiss: Part Two
Offered by HarperCollins Publishers
Price: $0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A Definite Re-Read!, March 19, 2013

There really is no sense in trying to re-write the synopsis for this part of this novel. The novella is so short that I might spoil it for you.

But I will say this - this section of the book was something that I have never read in a historical romance before and I don't think could ever be copied again!

This novella is both sexy and romantic. Hot and exciting. You almost feel like this is the end, but it isn't. You still have one more novella to go next week.

With This Kiss: Part Two

This was an interesting but slightly annoying idea for a book. I don't like cliff-hangers even if I only have to wait one week for the next installment. And a sort of cliff-hanger is what you are going to get with this novelette.

They have grown up together, Lady Grace and the Naval officer, Colin Barry (their parents have had their own books). Lady Grace has fallen in love with Colin and when he enlists, she writes him letters and paints him miniatures. Colin comes home and during this leave believes himself to be in love with Graces younger and more beautiful and effervescent sister Lily. This breaks Graces heart and from here things really really go down-hill. At this point anything else I say may be a spoiler so I will just end by saying that of course Colin finally does realize what he has lost -but is it too late?

I have loved everything else I have ever read by this author I am happy to say that I loved this excerpt too. The characters have a depth not normally found in a book of this length (yes I know this will eventually be a full length novel). Since I have already taken a peek at the next novella I can tell you that this book follows the romance genre's usual plot lines.

If you do not like waiting a week for the next segment, may I suggest waiting until the 26th when all three segments will have been published. It will cost a mere $2.97. With This Kiss: Part One
With This Kiss: Part Three

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