Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stuck On You by Cheryl Harper


Stuck On You by Cheryl Harper
This was a sweet and funny romance centered around two mismatched people. They meet when KT Masters, former child star and now producer, comes to the Elvis-themed hotel in which Laura Charles is working as a waitress. He is rude to her, she is rude to him and so the story begins.

Now KT has to produce a look-alike show for the Travel network while fantasizing about the cute and short feather bedecked showgirl waitress. Laura is also fantasizing about the handsome, smooth, arrogant, cranky-pants! Fortunately, they each decide to take the high road and apologize to each other. And this is where the story starts to get interesting.

I loved the line that KT fed Laura – although it was a truth really, not a line – that “he would love to see her pink satin costume balled up on the floor next to his bed”. I don’t know why I thought this was so sexy but I sure did!

The characters all of them are well written, fully fleshed (even the secondary and tertiary characters are fleshed out fairly well). The backdrop, while not unique, it was still fun to read about, and the relationship between KT and Laura was believable. Even the happily ever after rang a bell with me.

However, what I would have liked to have seen was this to have been a dualogy with the HEA coming at the end of the second book. Kevin could have had a reason to produce another show at the hotel and continued to pursue Laura and to get to know Holly better. With more time we could have learned more about his grandmother and Willodean the owner of the Elvis themed Rock’ n’Rolla Hotel and I think that would have made this a bit more of a substantial book. Still for the price, this is totally worth it for a vacation or beach read and I am defiantly going to be buying the next one in the series.
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