Monday, May 20, 2013

The Merlin Prophecy Book Two: Death of an Empire

The Merlin Prophecy Book Two: Death of an Empire
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4.0 out of 5 stars If You Like History and War, May 20, 2013

  January 1, 2013 DEATH OF AN EMPIRE— THE LEGEND OF MERLIN CONTINUES Merlin is the product of a brutal rape. Determined to uncover his father’s identity, he sets sail from Celtic Britain with his band of loyal companions. Their journey through war-ravaged France, Rome, and Ravenna to Constantinople will push their strength to the limit and shape Merlin’s reputation as a great healer.
The Roman Empire is under attack. Bound by an oath to relieve suffering the talented apothecary saves thousands of warriors from total destruction. A bloodier conflict between opposing powers arises, and Merlin must use all his resolve if he wishes to survive the death of an empire. M. K. Hume has won the praise of readers and critics alike with her original take on the beloved and enduring Merlin legend. Her background in Arthurian literature lends historical accuracy to a trilogy wrought with passion, heart, and adventure
If you are looking for something that really delves into ancient history (mostly Roman history), the horrors of war, pestilence, death, treachery and little else -this will be the book for you.

I found the first book in this trilogy to be very intriguing and I enjoyed it very much. This second book in the trilogy just made my stomach curdle. The author has such a way with words that she can do as Merlin said of Homer, when he read the Odyssey - you SEE everything, in vivid color. Merlin was speaking of something else, but that statement he made summed up my feelings of this book perfectly. The author spared no expense with words. Each phrase was like a brushstroke on canvas -showing us the gore in true vivid color.

Reading about the Kings, Emperors, Generals and various other important men plot various countries downfall was mesmerizing.

Having the author describe how Merlin figures out what we now know to be lead poisoning was fascinating. His facing the futility of trying to get the authorities to do something was poignant.

Yes, this book was fascinating - if you like history and war.


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