Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Book Description

June 25, 2013 Saturn's Daughter
Tina Clancy hardly has a chance to celebrate passing the bar exam when an explosion at Acme Chemical sends a noxious pink and green cloud billowing over Baltimore’s radioactive Zone. It is not as if the place was normal to begin with, but as the poisonous fumes overtake the sky, her neighbors start falling comatose—and Acme is plucking them off the streets faster than Tina and her friends can save them.

Just because Tina’s a lawyer now doesn’t mean she’s going to miraculously morph into a respectable, law-abiding citizen. She once accidentally damned her own boyfriend to hell, for heaven’s sake. Now that Max is back—in the body of his evil cousin, a U.S. senator with family ties to Acme—she needs him more than ever.

And what does it mean to be one of Saturn’s daughters? Tina knows she’s obligated to use her powers to save the Zone, no matter the cost, but there’s a real possibility that victory will happen over her dead body.

One thing you have to know when you first start this book and you really SHOULD read “Boyfriend from Hell” first) is that this series is one you cannot take seriously.  This is quite the cartoonish series.
  Tina Clancy has recently found out that she is one of Saturn’s daughters and will be dispensing justice with just a thought.  This does not bode well for those needing punishment since Tina doesn’t want to take a chance that she isn’t supposed to kill people she is common up with some very creative punishments.  You see, she has no clue just what the heck she is supposed to be doing with her newly found powers, but she has managed to track down another Daughter!

So now there has been a chemical gas cloud covering up the Zone…in the last book it was explained that the chemical spill that originally hit this community was a flood.  So now, we have a flood and a cloud! 

As you can see by the synopsis, Acme is looking for people who the cloud has affected and is grabbing them and eventually you find out just why Acme is doing such a thing.  I won’t say the reason Acme is doing this is trite, but yeah it sort of is.  Naturally, Acme has been working on the perfect disease cure AND war weapons all rolled into one!

There is no character growth and the level of maturity for most of the characters may be a problem for a few readers.

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