Sunday, August 11, 2013

Series Takes a Giant Step Backwards

Under A Spell (Underworld Detective Agency)

Under A Spell (Underworld Detective Agency)
by Hannah Jayne
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $7.19

Book Description
Publication Date: August 6, 2013
Count your blessings, guard your curses--and watch your back. . .
Sophie Lawson was seriously hoping life at the UDA would get back to relative normal now that her boss Pete Sampson has been reinstated. Unfortunately, her new assignment is sending her undercover into a realm where even the most powerful paranormals fear to tread. . .her old high school. Being a human immune to magic is no defense against soulless picture-perfect mean girls--or a secret witch coven about to sacrifice a missing female student. And Sophie's Guardian, uber-proper Englishman Will, is determined to convince Sophie he's the kind of temptation she should indulge in permanently. Now as the clock ticks down to apocalypse, he and Sophie will have to summon every trick in the book to battle devilish illusion, lethal sorcery--and betrayals they'll never see coming . .

This is yet another book in this series in which the character of Sophie has no growth. If anything, her character has taken a great leap backwards.

I believe that these books are might be mismarked and should possibly be labeled - Young Adult or even New Adult. The humor, what little there was, was childish and over-done. The plot, part of which has Sophie having to go back to her old High School to investigate student disappearances and possible coven activity was interesting. However, having Sophia re-live her own experiences in the same high school over and over, felt as if we were beating a dead horse after a while.

I can almost compare these books to Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series - the first few are great and you think that the humor and naiveté of the main character is cute, but after a while, it starts to grate on you. You start to wonder just how someone can be so stupid or naive after so many books. Shouldn't they have learned something by now...anything?*ARC SUPPLIED BY PUBLISHER*

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