Thursday, September 5, 2013

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The Whole Enchilada: A Novel of Suspense (Goldy Schulz)

The Whole Enchilada: A Novel of Suspense (Goldy Schulz)
by Diane Mott Davidson
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $16.63 Kindle Price: $11.99 includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet 

2.0 out of 5 stars Can This Be the End?, September 5, 2013

Book Description

August 27, 2013
Caterer and sleuth extraordinaire Goldy Schulz jumps from the frying pan into the fire as she tries to solve a puzzling murder that is much too close to home, in this latest entry in the New York Times bestselling series from "today's foremost practitioner of the culinary whodunit" (Entertainment Weekly)
The Whole Enchilada
Goldy Schulz knows her food is to die for, but she never expects one of her best friends to actually keel over when she's leaving a birthday party Goldy has catered. At first, everyone assumes that all the fun and excitement of the party, not to mention the rich fare, did her in.
But what looks like a coronary turns out to be a generous serving of cold-blooded murder. And the clever culprit is just getting cooking.
When a colleague—a woman who resembles Goldy—is stabbed, and Goldy is attacked outside her house, it becomes clear that the popular caterer is the main course on a killer menu. With time running out, Goldy must roll up her sleeves, sharpen her knives, and make a meal out of a devious murderer, before that killer can serve her up cold."

Can This Be the End of Goldy and her Snooping?

This was one of the most convoluted books I have ever read. Mysteries are supposed to be somewhat difficult to figure out, or the readers just would not bother reading them. This book was filled with too many red herrings, a lot of possible plots and interesting ideas that had been started and then never expanded upon. There were so much unnecessary (and boring) details of daily life; clothing, décor etc. - that I eventually wanted to just start skimming the wordy book just to get to something interesting.

This novel had more characters than Carter has pills and I wish the book would have come with a descriptive list just so I could keep all the main characters, secondary, tertiary and so on, characters straight. The ending came from virtually nowhere and was quite unsatisfying. Goldy's usage of her husband's job on the police force has become a farce. Tom just comes off looking like a fool, as does Boyd and the other police people that are there to "protect" Goldy. No one and nothing can stop Goldy and Marla - even Tom who supposedly upholds the law---for everyone. And this is a big problem in my eyes. Why Marla and Goldy don't get PI licenses is beyond me. Had they done so, it would have helped me suspend my disbelief and put a more believable spin to this book.

If you are not Episcopalian, you may have some issues with the very religious aspects of this book.

What once was a cozy mystery series of a caterer doing her best to a life for her son and to do her best at her job while using her smarts to clear up wrongdoings, has now changed to something I don't even recognize anymore.

Perhaps what happens in the epilogue is evidence that this will be the last book in this now tired series.*ARC supplied by publisher*

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