Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins

The Perfect Match (The Blue Heron Series)

The Perfect Match (The Blue Heron Series)
Price: $3.99

2.0 out of 5 stars I Managed to Finish -But Only Barely, October 29, 2013

Book Description

November 1, 2013
What if the perfect match is a perfect surprise? 
Honor Holland has just been unceremoniously rejected by her lifelong crush. And now—a mere three weeks later—Mr. Perfect is engaged to her best friend. But resilient, reliable Honor is going to pick herself up, dust herself off and get back out there…or she would if dating in Manningsport, New York, population 715, wasn't easier said than done. 
Charming, handsome British professor Tom Barlow just wants to do right by his unofficial stepson, Charlie, but his visa is about to expire. Now Tom must either get a green card or leave the States—and leave Charlie behind. 
In a moment of impulsiveness, Honor agrees to help Tom with a marriage of convenience—and make her ex jealous in the process. But juggling a fiancĂ©, hiding out from her former best friend and managing her job at the family vineyard isn't easy. And as sparks start to fly between Honor and Tom, they might discover that their pretend relationship is far too perfect to be anything but true love….

It took me quite a while to warm up to these characters and even after finishing this book I am still not sure I have any empathy for them. They are whiny, law breaking, manipulative, alcoholic, and filled with secrets and make bad choices in friends and who they sleep with. About the only characters I did like were Honor's elderly eggs!

This novel was written in third person, but is told mostly from Honors POV.

What I truly hated is that Ms Higgin's (who I've always loved as an author) takes an obscure idea from another author ---------------------------->SPOILERISH<-------------------- a="" before="" book="" conveniently="" done="" had="" happens="" have="" he="" higgins="" his="" honor="" in="" intentions.="" intentions="" just="" made="" ms="" near="" not="" proves="" question="" s="" sends="" span="" text="" that="" this.="" this="" tom="" tragedy="" would="">

In Ms Donovan's book He Loves Lucy the hero sends a registered letter to himself filled with his love,intentions, photos and feelings to prove that he loved Lucy before her final transformation.

I managed to finish this novel, but I would not have had I not read this as an ARC. I am so disappointed since I normally really loved Ms Higgins work.*ARC Supplied by Publisher*

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Litter of the Law: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery
The Litter of the Law: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery
Offered by Random House LLC
Price: $10.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Like Reading a TextbookOctober 24, 2013
Book Description
 October 22, 2013Rita Mae Brown collaborates with feline co-author Sneaky Pie Brown in a new mystery starring Mary Minor “Harry” Haristeen, the curious cat detectives Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, and Tee Tucker, the valiant crime-solving corgi. Halloween arrives early this year to rural central Virginia, when a twisted killer will stop at nothing to protect a multimillion-dollar scheme.


Autumn has descended and crops are being harvested all over Crozet, Virginia, ideal conditions for a scenic drive for Harry and husband Fair. Bucolic views are all well and good, but Harry’s nose for trouble leads her straight to a cornfield’s macabre scarecrow—an all too real murder victim that frightens all but the noisy crows.

This accountant’s gruesome death is only the first of many disturbing events in this normally pastoral corner of the world. While Harry tends her beloved grapes and sunflowers, a killer edges closer—as does Harry’s protective menagerie of animals.

Halloween’s approach brings with it bona fide terror and a beloved local tradition that threatens to become fatal. Rooting out the guilty in the treacherous center of a lucrative conspiracy requires Harry’s farmer’s wisdom—along with the quick wits and extraordinary senses of Sneaky Pie, Pewter, and Tucker. A vicious murderer may know the lay of the land far better than Harry does, but that’s about to change. It’s up to her vigilant four-footed companions to make sure that the unearthing of this plot is not Harry’s last act.
“As feline collaborators go, you couldn’t ask for better than Sneaky Pie Brown.”—The New York Times Book Review

If you want to learn about crimes against indigenous tribes , organic gardening or certain types of politics instead of reading a cozy mystery, then this will be a great book for you.

I have stayed away from Ms. Browns work for a while now ever since she started taking the books into a new direction and infusing them with the authors opinions on politics, world views, religion et al.

I thought I would give this author one more try. I am sorry I bothered. We are back to the rants and raves of previous books with the added thrill of the environment. Yes, I know Harry is farmer now so environmental concerns are important, but they don't really make for an interesting cozy mystery read.

People are dying and the corpses are being arranged in gruesome and very public manners. Of course, Harry and Fair stumble accidentally on the first corpse. (Big mistake to take the postmistress job away from Harry, however that came about, it makes for weaker less believable story lines now). It takes about 60% of the novel and a thin novel it is already, for anything interesting or even resembling a clue, to happen!

I usually love the animals, but this time I found their dialogue tedious at best - plain old word filler at worse.

It was a huge struggle for me to finish this book. I used to be able to just sit there and gulp them down in one sitting, but no more.
Reading this supposed cozy mystery novel, was more like being in school and reading a textbook.*ARC Supplied by Publisher*

Friday, October 11, 2013

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Glory, Glory: Snowbound with the Bodyguard (Harlequin Bestselling Author) by Miller, Linda Lael and Cassidy, Carla (Sep 24, 2013)

Book Description  - Glory,Glory
Publication Date: 1990
Eight years ago, Glory Parsons had been forced to flee her hometown—and leave behind her first love. And Jesse Bainbridge would never know the heartbreaking price she'd paid—or about the child born of their fiery union….
Jesse had once wanted Glory with all the passion in his soul—until she walked out on him. Now she was back with shocking news that would change his life forever. Could he trust the woman who'd betrayed him—the only woman he would ever love?

Book Description – Snowbound With the Bodyguard
Publication Date: June 1, 2008
She'd been stranded by a snowstorm with nowhere to turn. But when all seemed lost, mom-on-the-run Janette Black saw the sign for Wild West Protective Services--and found Dalton West.
The loner of the West clan had no time for love and family. But protecting was in Dalton's blood--and he knew when a woman carried secrets. He would take Janette and her baby into his home to wait out the storm, and bar the door from any danger. And when Janette's demons tracked her down, Dalton would take on hell itself to keep her safe from harm.

This is a book is comprised of two older novellas – “Glory, Glory” from 1990 and it kind of shows its age and “Snowbound With the Bodyguard “which though newer, is a much less believable and polished novel.

“Glory,Glory” is a true tear jerker. Glory was forced to put her child up for adoption when she was 18.  She never knew who had adopted her baby.  Now she is back in her old hometown, sets eyes on her old high school lover/sweet heart and things go to Hell in a hand basket

This is a very sexy tear-jerker and I was surprised as to just how soon our protagonist (Glory and Jesse) have sex and where they do it! The story was surprisingly good even though it felt rushed and overwhelming at times.  I attribute that to the length of the book and the amount of time in which the author had  to wind up the story.

Now “Snowbound With the Bodyguard” is a whole different kettle of fish.  This story deals with rape and stalking, so if you are sensitive to that you may want to stay away from this story. It also has a few inconsistencies one of which was a real problem for me. The heat in this novella is very mild and the characters are quite sweet.  The idea of the story is interesting, and did keep me compelled to finish.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Starry Night: A Christmas Novel
Starry Night: A Christmas Novel
Offered by Random House LLC
Price: $7.99

4.0 out of 5 stars 4.5 - Sweet and Slightly Old-FashionedOctober 10, 2013

Book Description

 October 8, 2013
’Tis the season for romance, second chances, and Christmas cheer with this new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber.

Carrie Slayton, a big-city society-page columnist, longs to write more serious news stories. So her editor hands her a challenge: She can cover any topic she wants, but only if she first scores the paper an interview with Finn Dalton, the notoriously reclusive author.

Living in the remote Alaskan wilderness, Finn has written a megabestselling memoir about surviving in the wild. But he stubbornly declines to speak to anyone in the press, and no one even knows exactly where he lives.

Digging deep into Finn’s past, Carrie develops a theory on his whereabouts. It is the holidays, but her career is at stake, so she forsakes her family celebrations and flies out to snowy Alaska. When she finally finds Finn, she discovers a man both more charismatic and more stubborn than she even expected. And soon she is torn between pursuing the story of a lifetime and following her heart.

Filled with all the comforts and joys of Christmastime, Starry Night is a delightful novel of finding happiness in the most surprising places.

I say that this book is slightly old-fashioned, and you might think that I mean it is old-fashioned because the protagonists refrain from having sex. But that is not it at all. What I mean is that there is so little angst with the characters, so little self-disgust, that I have come to expect in romance novels of today.

This book as written was a very refreshing change from the usual romance fare, that I'm tempted to buy more of Ms Macomber's books, just so I can see the world from a different perspective.

Now, this is not to say that there is no tension or misunderstanding or even stupid behavior of the part of the protagonists...there is VERY stupid behavior. Some that even made me cry *blush*.

The characters have back-bone and grit, they are likable and *almost* believable. (call me jaded)

The story is interesting, engaging, compelling and easy to read in a matter of hours. This was a fun and heart-warming story.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Prodigal Son by Debra Mullins

Prodigal Son (The Truthseers)
Prodigal Son (The Truthseers)
Offered by Macmillan
Price: $8.89 Kindle Edition


Amazon PriceNew fromUsed from
Kindle Edition$8.89

2.0 out of 5 stars I Thought This Would Be Different, October 8, 2013

"Book Description
 October 1, 2013Prodigal Son—the new paranormal romance from acclaimed historical romance author Debra Mullins
Bounty hunter Rafe Montana is a Seer, descended from the fabled Atlanteans. He uses his inherited power to “see” criminals across the globe and track them down, and he’s just started on a new case. Danny Cangialosi is accused of disappearing with a stolen car…but for the first time in his life, when Rafe goes looking, he is unable to “see” him. Instead, his search leads him to Danny’s stubborn, meddling, and very cute stepsister, Cara McGaffigan.
Cara is looking for Danny, too, but not to turn him in. He is her brother, after all, and she’s convinced he has a good heart. If she can just find him before the cops do, she’ll figure out a way to get him out of this. But Cara didn’t count on a scorching-hot bounty hunter getting in her way.
Despite instant chemistry, Rafe and Cara know they’re never going to see eye-to-eye when it comes to Danny. What they don’t know is that Danny didn’t just steal a car—he stole a precious stone, a stone right out of the legends of Atlantis. It holds powers they can only dream of…and its owner wants it back.
At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied."

If you enjoy books that are written along the lines of comic books, maybe you want a light read or a book that are filled with diabolical and evil people with evil intent, you may love this book. I can't seem to think clearly enough to write a synopsis without giving away most of the story - I just know that it took 60% of the book before I could finally start liking it, and then the last 20% made me just want to roll my eyes like a 13 year old and say "whatever".

This is a book in which the main characters are more like caricatures than `real' people. The heroine (and I use the term somewhat loosely) is supposed to be this very smart 29 year old holding several degrees and part owner of her own company; but what she really comes off as is a petulant, spoiled, entitled new adult who hasn't a thought to what happens around her. She wants what she wants and she wants it now. What she wants is to find her brother and what she gets is magic with a capital M. She is smart, but unable to see or accept what is happening around her.

When she meets up with Rafe, the magical bounty hunter who is also after her brother, sparks fly (naturally) and within 24 (or was that 48 hours - whatever it was it was a ridiculously short amount of time)) they find themselves in bed together. They have hot sex even though she feels she can't really trust him yet and when he finally tries to make her see what he is and what is going on around them, she just won't accept it.

Rafe is the typical romantic hero. He dark and fighting his magical nature and he is the type that believes he is bad for those who may care for him, therefore even when he does feel something like love for Cara, he will not own up to it.
Some odd things that happen to the characters in this book are so obvious to the reader, yet the characters are so clueless and you may find yourself wanting to throw your book across the room. Then there are other things that happen that are so convoluted that you might find yourself saying "hunh?" to yourself over and over.

I think what I'm trying to say, in a very roundabout way is that the characters are one dimensional, the dialogue inane, the story is thin and somewhat silly at best and the mystery was never a very big mystery.
I commend the author for not wanting to give in and kill off the bad guy - I understand that this will most likely be a series and it wouldn't do to kill the antagonist...but he really, REALLY needed killing and I think another `bad guy' could have been found!*ARC supplied by publisher*

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Devil's in the Details by Kimberly Raye

5.0 out of 5 stars 4.5 Stars But With ReservationsOctober 5, 2013

Product Details

This review is from: The Devil's in the Details (Paperback)

"Jess Damon’s life is…complicated. Not only is she a man-eating succubus (albeit recently reformed), but she has the mother from hell—literally. Yep, Houston’s hottest wedding planner is the daughter of the devil. Though as far as her mother knows, Jess is only in the business to hook up with hunky groomsmen, not to find true love.
But when demon hunter Cutter Owens rolls into town, turning her back on her evil birthright proves harder than Jess thought. Cutter is out to take down the devil once and for all—and he wants Jess’s help to do it. There’s no denying Cutter is gorgeous, in that sexy “a demon stole my soul” sort of way. And, sure, Lillian Damon is the queen of evil. But she’s still Jess’s mom. Now Jess must outfox the world’s greatest demon hunter without revealing her true identity or—devil forbid!—falling in love. Sexy, funny, and fiendishly clever, this bewitching paranormal romance is one hell of a read."

This is a very promising start to a new series.

The story is not *truly* unique, if you have read Anne bishop you already know what it's like to read about the underworld and its denizens being seen as sort of the 'good guys'. However, this book is in no way as serious a book as The Black Jewels: Trilogy: Daughter of the Blood / Heir to the Shadows / Queen of the Darkness. This book is all about the hysterics of a bridal planner who just happens to be the daughter of Satan. Of course in this version of Hell Satan just happens to be a female named Lillith and is ruling Hell with her other three sisters.

Jess is actually a succubus (demon) named Jezebel and is ruling her own wedding planing outfit and is contracted to do the wedding of the ultimate bridezilla - her mother. Naturally all Hell breaks loose. Jess has also sworn off seducing men...she wants her own happily ever after, but really can that be in the cards? Then in comes the delicious hunk Cutter who is a Demon slayer. Meanwhile sparks fly with Cutter and Jess, a mystery abounds, chocolate flows like water and brides go crazy.

All in all a typical day in the life of a wedding planner!

The story is just a little too fast paced, and a bit convoluted at times. The ending was a little surprising but the epilogue was what clinched this for me. I do so love a cliffhanger and that is exactly what you will be getting if you read this action packed, funny and oddly heart-warming new novel.