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Prodigal Son by Debra Mullins

Prodigal Son (The Truthseers)
Prodigal Son (The Truthseers)
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2.0 out of 5 stars I Thought This Would Be Different, October 8, 2013

"Book Description
 October 1, 2013Prodigal Son—the new paranormal romance from acclaimed historical romance author Debra Mullins
Bounty hunter Rafe Montana is a Seer, descended from the fabled Atlanteans. He uses his inherited power to “see” criminals across the globe and track them down, and he’s just started on a new case. Danny Cangialosi is accused of disappearing with a stolen car…but for the first time in his life, when Rafe goes looking, he is unable to “see” him. Instead, his search leads him to Danny’s stubborn, meddling, and very cute stepsister, Cara McGaffigan.
Cara is looking for Danny, too, but not to turn him in. He is her brother, after all, and she’s convinced he has a good heart. If she can just find him before the cops do, she’ll figure out a way to get him out of this. But Cara didn’t count on a scorching-hot bounty hunter getting in her way.
Despite instant chemistry, Rafe and Cara know they’re never going to see eye-to-eye when it comes to Danny. What they don’t know is that Danny didn’t just steal a car—he stole a precious stone, a stone right out of the legends of Atlantis. It holds powers they can only dream of…and its owner wants it back.
At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied."

If you enjoy books that are written along the lines of comic books, maybe you want a light read or a book that are filled with diabolical and evil people with evil intent, you may love this book. I can't seem to think clearly enough to write a synopsis without giving away most of the story - I just know that it took 60% of the book before I could finally start liking it, and then the last 20% made me just want to roll my eyes like a 13 year old and say "whatever".

This is a book in which the main characters are more like caricatures than `real' people. The heroine (and I use the term somewhat loosely) is supposed to be this very smart 29 year old holding several degrees and part owner of her own company; but what she really comes off as is a petulant, spoiled, entitled new adult who hasn't a thought to what happens around her. She wants what she wants and she wants it now. What she wants is to find her brother and what she gets is magic with a capital M. She is smart, but unable to see or accept what is happening around her.

When she meets up with Rafe, the magical bounty hunter who is also after her brother, sparks fly (naturally) and within 24 (or was that 48 hours - whatever it was it was a ridiculously short amount of time)) they find themselves in bed together. They have hot sex even though she feels she can't really trust him yet and when he finally tries to make her see what he is and what is going on around them, she just won't accept it.

Rafe is the typical romantic hero. He dark and fighting his magical nature and he is the type that believes he is bad for those who may care for him, therefore even when he does feel something like love for Cara, he will not own up to it.
Some odd things that happen to the characters in this book are so obvious to the reader, yet the characters are so clueless and you may find yourself wanting to throw your book across the room. Then there are other things that happen that are so convoluted that you might find yourself saying "hunh?" to yourself over and over.

I think what I'm trying to say, in a very roundabout way is that the characters are one dimensional, the dialogue inane, the story is thin and somewhat silly at best and the mystery was never a very big mystery.
I commend the author for not wanting to give in and kill off the bad guy - I understand that this will most likely be a series and it wouldn't do to kill the antagonist...but he really, REALLY needed killing and I think another `bad guy' could have been found!*ARC supplied by publisher*

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