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Corpse of Discovery by B.B. Cantrell

Corpse of Discovery (Portland Bookmobile Mysteries)

Corpse of Discovery (Portland Bookmobile Mysteries)
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 Just not Great..., May 16, 2014

Book Description

April 26, 2014
From the author of "Murdermobile": Clear the streets, the magenta bookmobile is back, in another tale of mayhem, intrepid librarians and quirky bookmobile patrons in Oregon's slightly-off-kilter Rose City. This is pre-"Portlandia" Portland, with a mother lode of colorful characters, from has-been Rajneeshee cultists who let it all hang out (on a nude beach) to the practical joking great-great-great grandson (or something) of Sacajawea. Get cozy as fiery-haired librarian-on-wheels Hester Freelove McGarrigle and her pizza-eating Maine Coon cat follow the clues with dishy, trail-running, slightly OCD-ish Detective Nate Darrow. In the end, Hester and her history-loving colleagues paddle in the path of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery -- in authentic dugout canoes -- on what becomes a desperate voyage down the Great River of the West. Literary laughs, librarian love and a little lunacy fill this fun weekend read. (Bonus in the back: a recipe from Hester's kitchen.)

I really loved the first book in this series Murdermobile (Portland Bookmobile Mysteries) (Volume 1)(if it is going to be a series) however, this second book seems almost as if another person wrote the book. Considering the author is really a husband and wife team, I have to wonder if they are trading off who writes which book?

The voice and style is not the one that I fell in love with. The mystery took an extreme back seat to the history lessons and the descriptions of towns/area. It was somewhat interesting, but I was looking forward to a cozy mystery with everything else being background 'noise' so to speak.

There was no excitement, not even the final chapters that were suspiciously similar SPOILER (another slow speed chase???) END OF SPOILER to the climax of Murdermobile, the first book. I'm disappointed in this novel but not enough to keep me from reading a third installment when and if there is one

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