Friday, March 27, 2015

The Murder Pit by Jeff Shelby

The Murder Pit (A Moose River Mystery Book 1) by Jeff Shelby (May 6, 2014)

The Murder Pit

I am not sure if I read the same book that everyone else did.   Here is what I feel are the Pro's and Con's:

It was a light, pop-corn type read.

No sex, just innuendo.

No violence, just a dead guy.

I finished it.

The Author/Editor made a lot of mistakes, enough to pull you out of the story occasionally and go 'Huh?'.  This might make you lose your place as you check back in the book for some confirmations.

Was there a book before this one?  I know there wasn't, but there are parts to this story that make me think there should be...things that are assumed but never explained.  For instance -why did Daisys husband get so upset that she had a date before they got reacquainted? This detail was over-looked and under-played.   The back-story was undeveloped.

  The town’s residents and especially her so-called friends are just horrid.  The kids are pretty annoying too.

Home-schooling seems to be a major theme and I don't like to be preached to.  I did not like how this author treats home-schooling.  Do the kids actually ever get any lessons?  Do they really learn things while playing in the snow or video games or even board games?  Yes they read -wonderful - but not enough educating.

I found this not to be a humorous book.

The main characters are (especially Daisy Savage) ditzy, easy to anger and somehow unlikable. Jake was just an annoying passive/aggressive complainer.

The reader goes through the book never knowing how the dead guy died.  And yes I doubled back to double-check.

All in all, I ended up doing a lot of skimming a second time to see if I had missed something important to the story.


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