Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day Shift - Charlaine Harris

Day Shift (A Novel of Midnight, Texas Book 2) by Charlaine Harris (May 5, 2015)

 Product Details

There is no such thing as bad publicity, except in Midnight, Texas, where the residents like to keep to themselves. Even in a town full of secretive people, Olivia Charity is an enigma. She lives with the vampire Lemuel, but no one knows what she does; they only know that she’s beautiful and dangerous.

Psychic Manfred Bernardo finds out just how dangerous when he goes on a working weekend to Dallas and sees Olivia there with a couple who are both found dead the next day. To make matters worse, one of Manfred’s regular—and very wealthy—clients dies during a reading.

Manfred returns from Dallas embroiled in scandal and hounded by the press. He turns to Olivia for help; somehow he knows that the mysterious Olivia can get things back to normal. As normal as things get in Midnight…

Wow, this book, the second book in the Midnight Texas trilogy (according to Ms Harris; web-site)  gives us even more action  than we had in book one.  We have more action, but we also learn so much more about some of our favorite characters.  Have you wondered what was up with the Rev?  We had a good idea what he was, but not what type of what!  LOL!  Now we know!
I love how we are seeing characters from Sookies world –so now we have seen characters from all of Ms Harris’ series –I love this concept. Who do you think we’ll see in the third of this trilogy?

There is so much going on in Midnight –a company has come in to reopen an old time hotel.  They’ve turned it into a longer stay hotel and a sort of, elder  care for those not quite ready for assisted living, place –interesting that all of the older  people who  come to stay, had interesting lives in Reno!

Poor Manfred---well he just about has the poop kicked out of him when a client of his dies as he is holding a sort of séance for her to meet up with her dead husband.  So now poor Manfred now looks like a murderer, since she has died under very unusual circumstances…but wait…her son Lewis also is accusing Manfred of a huge theft  -Lewis is, how can I say this nicely?  A shmuck!

 In the first book we learned quite a bit about Fiji and Bobo; in this book we learn a lot about Olivia and the Rev…Lemual is away from town so there is very little about him in this book.

The Rev…what can I say.  We finally find out just what he is and we get to do it in such an interesting way.  The Rev is child sitting.  Yep, that’s right; he is watching after a very unusual youngster who literally grows right in front of your eyes. A youngster whose father had to go off for a job…a father who was once one of Sookies lover’s (though not for very long).

Great writing, great set up for the next novel, some frustration because we get no satisfaction with Fiji and Bobo (will there really be any? At least, to our satisfaction?) And just why the heck are Teacher and Madonna in Midnight.  How the heck does everyone live –there really are no customers.

Many questions are asked but not all are answered.

I loved it!


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