Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Drone Threat (A Troy Pearce Novel)

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Troy Pearce and his team of drone experts are called to action when ISIS launches a series of attacks on U.S. soil. On the eve of President Lane’s historic Asian Security Summit, a hobby-store quadcopter lands on the White House lawn carrying a package and an ominous threat: Fly the enclosed black flag of ISIS over the White House by noon today or suffer the consequences. The threat further promises that every day the flag isn’t flown a new attack will be launched, each deadlier than the first.
President Lane refuses to comply with the outrageous demand, but the first drone attacks, sending a shudder through the U.S. economy. With few options available and even fewer clues, President Lane unleashes Troy Pearce and his Drone Command team to find and stop the untraceable source of the destabilizing attacks. But the terror mastermind proves more elusive and vindictive than any opponent Pearce has faced before . . . and if Pearce fails, the nation will suffer an unimaginable catastrophe on its soil or be forced into war.

This was the 4th book in a series -while I would have loved to have read the first three to get me up to speed, it wasn't truly necessary.  Feel  fairly confident that you can read this as a stand-alone.  The characters are well fleshed and the back-ground was filled in just enough for me.

This issue is an important one in this day and age and the idea certainty gave me the chills.

This book seemed to be well researched and it was certainly very well written, it kept me on the edge of my chair and, was for me, very satisfying.

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