Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Other Sister by Dianne Dixon

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One sister has everything. Her twin hates her for it.Would life be better without Ali? Probably. At least then people might think about Morgan. Ali's always gotten everything — she doesn't even realize how much Morgan resents her.
Ali also doesn't realize that when she shuts Morgan out entirely, she will unleash a chain of events that show just how dangerous the underside of love really is. As their lives spin toward something neither one of them can control, a terrifying crime reveals how those who know us best can destroy us...or save us.

Is this truly written about adults? Is it really written BY an adult???

I am really not enjoying the way this was written what with choppy chapters, a lack of character development, moving to something new with no explanations or closure, the immaturity of the character's - there is a distinct lack of vital information in the beginning -although I'm hoping that some of this is explained later in the book. (one moment dressed the next moment with no description -naked -then running naked to scream and hurt sister? Ugh.)

I think the idea of twin sisters who really aren't twins, with one being the beautiful popular one and one being the plain boring one that becomes psychotic, has been done to death. Then again they both feel psychotic to me. Add in a boyfriend who seems to be less/more than what he appears to be and you have trite and cliched storytelling.

Frankly, I have given it more than 100 pages and I am tempted to give up. There is just so much time and too many books. 

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