Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fatal by John Lescroart


Book Description:
From New York Times bestselling author John Lescroart, a riveting standalone novel about the unexpected, shattering, and lethal consequences of a one-night stand on a seemingly happily married couple.Kate loves her life. At forty-four, she’s happily married to her kind husband, Ron, blessed with two wonderful children, and has a beautiful home in San Francisco. Everything changes, however, when she and Ron attend a dinner party and meet another couple, Peter and Jill. Kate and Peter only exchange a few pleasant words but that night, in bed with her husband, Kate is suddenly overcome with a burning desire for Peter.
What begins as an innocent crush soon develops into a dangerous obsession and Kate’s fixation on Peter results in one intense, passionate encounter between the two. Confident that her life can now go back to normal, Kate never considers that Peter may not be so willing to move on.
Not long after their affair, a masked man barges into the café Kate is sitting in with her best friend, firing an assault weapon indiscriminately into the crowd. This tragedy is the first in a series of horrifying events that will show Kate just how grave the consequences of one mistake can be.
An explosive story of infidelity, danger, and moral ambiguity, John Lescroart’s latest thriller will excite and satisfy both his current and new fans.

REVIEW: It was difficult for me to   like this book since it showed us the worst in the human animal, but I did end up reading the entire book.   I do admit to skipping and skimming parts since there had been so much redundancy. 

I don’t know if it was the authors intention to write the characters as flat, unlikable, bleak and uninteresting as he did or to fill the gaps of the story with so much trivia and description about San Francisco, but this for me did not a good read make.

It was an interesting piece for showing that no matter how small our actions are (and this one was a doozy!)  our choices affect so many around us.  The ripple affect I imagine.

Unfortunately, there was less that I liked about this book than what made this a boring read.

The conclusion was not quite the shock to me that I imagine the author wanted it to be.  That does not mean that I figured it out early on -I did not-it is just that by the time I got to the end I just didn’t care.  The characters were just that uninteresting.

The author did add things that, in my mind had been totally unnecessary -why add the part of the terrorist attack and what about the anorexic and Ginny?

It almost felt to me that this book was written in the 70’s and then edited it to bring it up to date and the parts never meshed.

*ARC supplied by publisher

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