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Fire Light by J. Abram Barneck


Fire Light (Trinity of Mind)

Fire Light (Trinity of Mind)
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4.0 out of 5 stars Mormon Druids?, December 12, 2013

Book Description

November 20, 2013

Regularly $7.99 but price is $2.99 for a limited time.

Jake is a jeek--part jock, part geek--who finds out he's an unwitting target of genocide against a secret society known as the Druids--a society he didn't even know he belonged to.

O'Brien, one of the last druids, is his mentor. Unfortunately, he is a dud when it comes to magic, but he is ex-military.

As for picking his girlfriend . . . well, that's a split decision. Alexis and Kendra are opposites in almost every way.

If he can just survive the nightwalker, an obsidian-skinned creature with a thirst for blood, an elongated zombie-like body, and a banshee's mind destroying scream, who wears a cloak black enough to make the grim reaper jealous, then he might have a chance.

Ultimately, protecting his loved ones, and himself if possible, becomes his priority

Hey, why NOT Mormon Druids...and Vampires and Dhampir's and other icky creatures that go bump in the night?

No, they aren't all really Mormons, but two of the main characters are and they are the last of the Druids...or at least we think they are the last. After reading this whole book I can't be too sure about that. And don't beleive for one second that Jake is 'just' a Druid...there is something more to Jake than meets the eye!

This was an interesting mix of different styles that you may have seen in other popular authors. Certainly a very interesting one a la Laurell K. Hamilton.(you will understand that if you have read her books and then read this one!) This book is going to be (or at least should be) a hit for adolescent boys and young adult males. It shouldn't be a dud for the females of the crowd too since we are treated to many observations of Jake's fine physique at various points in this book. The female readers will like the kick-butt and take no prisoners style of one of the main female characters, Alexis.

This was a fairy slow book to start with large info dumps through-out the novel, but coming in at over 400 pages made these dumps understandable.

Mr. Barneck did a fine job at building his world, moving his characters around like chess pieces ;-) and creating a fairly believable world/plot-line.

A very minimum on the swearing, no sex and only the mildest of a teen-ages boys semi-dirty thoughts makes this a book that I could recommend for ages 14 on up. Very clean, but very bloody.

For an independently published book, the formatting and lack of grammar issues made this a pleasure to read.

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